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Who: Deb and Quinn [info]doesdumbthings
What: Aftermath of cannibal mayhem and V-day
When: Right after she gets back from Dexter's apartment
How: Action spam
Why: To make a normal healthy relationship hard.


[After everything that happened today with the cannibals and being sedated and waking up to Brian saving her along with Dexter, Deb would be lying if she said she didn't want to leave Dexter's place. There's too much fucked up shit going on with her family right now, and it's nice to just come home to a normal guy with normal problems. A normal guy that she definitely should've brought with her today, because he would've been a shitload of help during that fucking train wreck of a discussion in Dexter's kitchen. Since when has Brian been the good guy? Why was Dexter so insistent on supporting him over her--sure, Brian saved them, but that doesn't mean all his past deeds are erased. She can't forgive him after two seconds like Dexter seems to be able to sometimes.

She opens Quinn's door and tosses her keys on a table--not really feeling up to putting too much effort into anything at all.]

Hey, I'm back.

[There should probably be some sort of explanation ready in her brain as to why she's been gone so long, but honestly, she just can't function enough to think of anything but the truth, as much shit as that might put her in.]


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