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DDD CR Chart

Along with being her brother, he's the best, most constant friend she's ever had, and she trusts him more than anyone else in the world. He's the reason she got stuck on this site though, so she's pretty unhappy about that. But at least this way she can keep up with what he's thinking, because God forbid he actually tell her anything.

She does get pissed at him a lot because he's just so difficult to communicate with, but she really does love him and wants him to be happy, especially after everything that's happened in the past year. That's why she's willing to sacrifice her self-righteous opinions and attitudes sometimes for his sake. Not all the time, but when it's something that's really important to him, she can give a little to get... almost nothing, but that's okay.

Okay, so she hates working so hard on their relationship when it doesn't seem like he's trying at all sometimes, but what is she supposed to do? He's the only family she has left. And now that his blood-brother's back in the picture, she can't let her guard down in the slightest or else she might lose him. That's what she's afraid of, anyway, despite his assurances that he would never do that, and Brian's conviction that Dexter would choose her over him.
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Fuck Debra's life. Wait, don't bother, because it already has been. This guy tricked her into being his girlfriend just so he could get Dexter's attention and once the police started closing in on him, he tried to kill her. She wishes he was still dead, or... dead in the first place, whatever.

For five fucking years she's been trying to forget about his life, and now he's been shoved back into her face. The only consolation she has is that this happened now when she's at a high point in her life, rather than a time where everything was screwed up.

For now she's promised Dexter that she'll try not to make a big issue out of this, but that's not really working out very well because every time they see each other they have a meltdown--he knows exactly how to push her buttons and drive her insane.

 Maybe if he would just admit that he's being a huge douche when it comes to her and learn how to accept their screwed up family for what it is, she'd finally be able to forgive him for what he did back then. ... Maybe. But until then they'll continue to either avoid each other or have very public fights where they over-share their lives for the entire comm to see.
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This is quite possibly one of the happiest yet awkward relationships in Deb's life right now, because... Rita died and now the community brought her back... from the past. Even though this is the second time this has happened, it's no less surprising. The difference this time is that she's actually glad the comm decided to do this, which is something she never thought would happen, and she's vowed never to complain about it again, just for this one event.

Rita's important to her not just because she's her future sister-in-law, but because her being back in the world gives Dexter a chance to worldhop over to the past or have her worldhop to where they are and that's just... amazing. For months they'd both grieved her death and thought that all they would have of her were memories, but here she is, proving them wrong in the best way possible. It doesn't bring her back to life, but it's close enough to where the difference is almost unnoticeable.

Besides all that, Rita and Deb have always had a good relationship, even if they don't see each other very often, which surprises Deb a little because she knows she's a foul bitch sometimes and Rita is always so sweet. You'd think they wouldn't get along so well but somehow they do anyway.
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Here's a friendship that Deb never saw coming--when she heard about Dexter's fake family, she immediately went on defense mode and subconsciously made everyone involved into a bunch of jerks, but unlike a certain person, she gets over her assumptions and accepts things when faced with reality. And the reality is that Bruce is a really nice guy, she actually has a lot in common with him, and they get along really well.

She can understand completely why Dexter likes him a lot, and she's not jealous of him in the slightest for being close to him--after all, everyone needs a best friend and she's very glad that he finally has one that's not a jackass.
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Deb likes Claire a lot for some reason. She hasn't really figured it out yet, but mostly Claire seems like a responsible young adult who Deb could probably teach a lot to.

Unfortunately, one of the reasons that they're friends in the first place is because they have the shared experience of being attacked by Brian. That doesn't really matter though, because she's still a pretty interesting person and Deb's sure she would've run into her eventually and they still would've gotten along even if that hadn't been the case.

As it is though--because she was attacked by serial killers Deb feels an innate need to defend her in every aspect, and takes almost too much offense at every snide comment made about her.
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Deb's fucking hero. No, seriously, she told Deb how to ban people that is the greatest gift anyone could give her. At first when Willow told her that there were such things as vampires Deb assumed she was on drugs, but she accepts it now. She feels a little bad for intimidating her in their first meeting, so she's trying to make up for that by being as nice to her as she can be.
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Another guy that she has a lot in common with (which isn't that surprising) who seems pretty forgiving and chilled-out most of the time--something Deb appreciates in a person when she's being overly rude at some point without meaning to be. Sometimes it just comes out and it's nice to be around people who don't flip out about it every time. So they're probably going to spend some more time together in the future.

Deb and Peter have the same sort of protective streak, and when they got together and talked about Claire--even though Deb hadn't met her yet, she picked up his overbearing keep-her-safe attitude and converted it into her own version of that. So even if she and Claire had never spoken, she still would've defended her, and it would've just been... kinda weird but it would've happened anyway.
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Deb honestly just doesn't know what to do with this guy. The simplest tasks in the whole world seem to baffle him, and his very monotone way of reacting to things is even worse than Dexter's. The one thing she can really take from this relationship is that she can look back at their conversations and laugh, even if they frustrate her at the time, so she tries to comment to his posts whenever she sees them.

He makes her question whether or not she should have faith in the unknown, but then again, he lives in a different world, so maybe angels and demons and shit exists there, but not where she lives, so that's not too strong of a thought.
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This is another person that Deb doesn't know what to do about. On one hand, he seems like an okay guy with a bad sense of humor who doesn't really harass her so much as he just defends Sylar and Brian, but on the other hand... he defends Sylar and Brian. Not to mention he's a vampire... with a soul, why does that sound familiar and he used to kill hundreds of people.

If she had to pick someone from the killer trio to be stuck in an elevator or something with, she'd pick Spike, but mostly she feels it's best to just avoid him altogether because of the people he's choosing to have a 'sitcom life' with. If he talks to her, fine, she'll put up with it and try not to be too much of a bitch, but she's not going out of her way to be friends with him.
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This is Sylar. Sylar kills people. Sylar is an irritating fuck. Sylar needs to go die. That's basically... the extent of her feelings about him.

To be fair though, the way she thinks about him is mostly influenced by the fact that he used to(?) attack Claire and that she can't ever get the upper hand with Brian so she takes it out on the next worst person around. It really has nothing to do with him, though his habit of turning everything in life into a philosophical discussion is pretty much the most annoying thing in the whole world. Seriously, just stop. Not everything needs to be so serious. 
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Deb really doesn't know anything about her except that she was Dexter's daughter during the family virus, she's a mellow kid, and that she likes Brian a lot. The first couple things make Deb kind of indifferent to her, but the third one makes her want to get to know this girl a lot better so that she can prove how much better she is than Brian and that Candy shouldn't like him as much as she should--she'll think, 'goodness, Aunt Deb is so nice and Uncle Brian tried to kill her--he's not as cool as I thought he was.'

This isn't to spite Brian or Candy or Dex or anyone--this is a complete takeover of very strong concern for the wellbeing of this girl and what will happen if she spends too much time with a psychopath.
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A nice woman who's making her way in the world too--they haven't talked very much but... yeah, she seems nice. Also she's probably the one who wrote that nice thing about Deb in the anon comm and that gives her bonus points.
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He goes to high school. That's about all she knows of him from talking to him and then seeing him around the comm.
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Peter included her on the list of people who don't seem very stable, but from the couple conversations Deb's had with her, she doesn't seem so bad, and in fact they actually seem to get along just fine. Azula doesn't care about Deb's vulgar language and Deb doesn't mind Azula's mild attitude. It's a win-win situation.
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Kurt is a helpful and friendly boy who is very skilled at keeping a conversation from dying. She could probably be friends with him just because they had a very similar situation growing up, and he never says anything offensive.
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She trolled Zuko with questions as a little girl during the virus harder than she's ever trolled before, or ever will again. Brian would be so proud :| She hopes that one, he's not as irritatingly angsty in the present day, and two, he doesn't recognize her if she ever talks to him again.
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