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OPN Info Post

Your name: Angie
Your journal: [ profile] soulholders
Contact: soulholders on aim
Other characters played at Passing: None

Character name:
Debra Morgan
Character fandom: Dexter
Version: [V2]

Importing development from old game?


Deb’s Wiki

Changes from canon, if AU:

Deb was awake during the whole strapped to the table thing and was like wtf what’s going on here, so now she knows that Dexter’s a serial killer, surprise!

So basically she thinks about turning him in for like two seconds and then realizes that it would be really stupid and her life would have no meaning without him so she helps to try and… keep that under wraps, especially during season 2—she can’t really admit to herself that Dexter is the Bay Harbor Butcher even though the evidence points right to him, and she never asks, but she wasn’t about to let Lundy find out that he’s a psycho, either. That’s pretty much… the extent of the change—that she keeps Dexter a secret and it’s awkward being around him sometimes. … Okay it’s awkward to be around him most of the time, but she still loves him and stuff.

It’s weird to hide something so huge from everyone like this and she’s had to put a ton of filters on herself so she’s become almost as good at lying about shit as Dexter is, except not really because she’s not a douchebag so that gets in the way of keeping things to herself sometimes. But she still doesn’t… tell anyone about Dexter. Basically everything else in her life happens the same except that she gets even more angry about Quinn looking into Dexter’s life and depending on how honest Dex has been with her she probably knows a lot more stuff about what’s going on behind the scenes with him. She also has more issues with things that didn’t bother her in the series, like she gets this wtf what even is your life attitude about his relationship with Rita because she knows he’s just… using her as a cover and that’s not okay. Look I could go on forever about all the different ways she looks at things differently because she knows all about Dexter but seriously that would be like writing another personality section mixed with a history and no one needs that.


When the audience meets Debra, she seems like she’s seems like just a regular cop who swears too much. She’s the sister of the main character--the person that the audience is told they’re supposed to care about, but they figure that they probably won’t really--after all, the show is called Dexter, so he’s the main character, he’s the one who’ll have all the focus. But after a while, it becomes obvious that while that may be true, Deb’s just as important, and far more of a real character than Dexter will ever be. She’s smart, doesn’t take kindly to authority, stands her ground, loves deeply, and protects people to her best ability.

She’s extremely perseverant--if she wants something, there’s absolutely no way she’s going to let it get away from her, even if she has to work for years to accomplish her goal. It doesn’t matter how many people tell her it’s not going to happen, or try to get in her way, she just steps over them and keeps going. The opinions other people have about her in general don’t bother her unless they’re regarding a huge situation that will affect her for a long time like the fallout from her dating Brian Moser was. So she swears and says whatever she wants to, to whomever she wants, and they can just deal with it because if they get butthurt it’s not her problem. That’s not to say she’s willing to steamroll over people’s emotions if they’re really hurting, and if she tries her best to avoid hurting people herself--she just doesn’t like having to hide her blazing personality, that’s all. If she does hurt someone with a comment, or offend someone to the point where they make a comment on it or have lasting effects of any kind, she immediately feels terrible and tries to be nicer around that person. Also she likes to set a good example around kids so she lays off on the swearing around anyone younger than high school age. This is especially true around Dexter’s kids and step-kids, as she sees them as members of her family.

When it comes to her brother, she’s nothing but protective--she won’t put up with any sort of attitude about him from anybody, and that includes Dexter himself. One bad word about him and she blows a circuit. Also on the note of Dexter, she’s very supportive of him, but if he screws up badly and she knows about it, she makes sure that he knows it was wrong. This is especially true when it comes to relationship issues-she knows just how clueless he is in everything he does and she tries to help out with that whenever she can. Dexter is the ‘one good thing in [her] life’, and she wants to keep him safe and happy, which often leads to her acting like the older sibling, even though she looks up to him. They have a complicated relationship, mostly because she’s doing all the work and he’s just pretending to do it, and deep down she understands that and forgives him. Things sure would be easier on Deb if Dexter knew how to act more like a normal person. She carries the brunt of every situation Dexter gets into simply because it slides right off of him most of the time, which leads to her being twice as stressed or happy or upset as she normally would be, and makes her more on edge than anyone else.

From the way she solves crimes and finds things that no one else does, every single season, it’s obvious that she’s very intelligent, but she doesn’t always use that to its full value, especially when it comes to her personal dating life. She’s desperate for some sort of human connection, and is willing to jump right into any sort of relationship with people, whether it’s meaningful or not. This is why she moves on from guy to guy so quickly--it’s not because she has low standards, it’s just that she wasn’t paid attention to as a child and she thinks that the only way to get a guy’s attention is by sleeping with them.

The one thing she’s never quite understood throughout her entire life is why her dad always liked Dexter the most even though he wasn’t actually his son. She never did anything but try to make him happy, and he wouldn’t give her the time of day-that’s why she became a police officer, and why she strove so hard to become part of the homicide department, and a detective--because she never wanted anything but his approval, even after he died. Maybe she figured that he was still watching over her and Dex, and wanted to make him proud post-mortem. Him brushing her off like he did really left a seed of doubt deep in her heart, and she fears that she’ll never be good enough for anyone at all, in any way. The way she can’t find the right person to be with even though she dates a lot really drives that in. After all, somehow Dexter managed to get married and he’s so messed up it’s not even funny, but she can’t even hold on to a guy for more than a few months? She’s either cursed, or just an inferior human being.

Sadly, she might be cursed, because the one man she really loved and who really saw her as an equal even though they had a big age difference didn’t just leave her, he was murdered. This was one of the biggest blows she’d taken in her life, and it really knocked her down more than anything else in her life ever had, or could. Instead of just giving up on everything, though, she just became extremely determined to find the person who did it and make sure that they got exactly what they deserved. That’s one thing that makes her the best person to ever be a detective--she never gives in, never, even when she’s in so much emotional agony that she can’t function, she transfers that into anger, or some other emotion that she can be productive with, and continues on like there’s nothing wrong. She has to; otherwise she’ll sink to a state that she refuses to go to, which is defeat.

Debra Morgan isn’t someone that can be called ordinary. She doesn’t have any superpowers or special abilities or anything to that effect, but the way she carries herself--the way she doesn’t take shit from anyone or give in easily--makes her a lot better off than most people.

Abilities: Deb has police training, but that’s about as far as her abilities go.

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