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RL with Quinn ~

Who: Deb and Quinn [info]doesdumbthings
What: Aftermath of cannibal mayhem and V-day
When: Right after she gets back from Dexter's apartment
How: Action spam
Why: To make a normal healthy relationship hard.


[After everything that happened today with the cannibals and being sedated and waking up to Brian saving her along with Dexter, Deb would be lying if she said she didn't want to leave Dexter's place. There's too much fucked up shit going on with her family right now, and it's nice to just come home to a normal guy with normal problems. A normal guy that she definitely should've brought with her today, because he would've been a shitload of help during that fucking train wreck of a discussion in Dexter's kitchen. Since when has Brian been the good guy? Why was Dexter so insistent on supporting him over her--sure, Brian saved them, but that doesn't mean all his past deeds are erased. She can't forgive him after two seconds like Dexter seems to be able to sometimes.

She opens Quinn's door and tosses her keys on a table--not really feeling up to putting too much effort into anything at all.]

Hey, I'm back.

[There should probably be some sort of explanation ready in her brain as to why she's been gone so long, but honestly, she just can't function enough to think of anything but the truth, as much shit as that might put her in.]

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Hey yourself, where have you been?

Looks like wherever it was, you had one hell of a time there and not in the good way.

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[Even as she leans slightly into the cheek kiss, she's pulling away--something she's been doing a lot of lately, ever since he got back from his trip it's been hard for her to be around him without feeling ashamed of herself.]

I was with Dexter--where were you all day--answer your fucking phone sometime, why don't you. [She'd tried to call right before she and Dexter went off on their adventure, but to no avail.]

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[Quinn has taken notice of her pulling away from him and it's really starting to frustrate him. A)Because it's frustrating and general and B)Because it's not Deb's style. Something's got to be going on to make her act like this.]

Speak for yourself. I got dragged into Laguerta's office to answer more questions than I ever fucking care to answer about our cases. Once I was done called you a few times and you didn't answer.

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[She pulls away from him completely and goes to plop herself down on the couch as she says,]

That might be because I was a little busy getting tied up by a bunch of fucking cannibals, Quinn. So sorry I couldn't exactly have a chat with you about your day. [Shit, that drug they used to sedate her is like a fucking truth serum. Also it's a severe irritant.]

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Holy shit, Deb.

[Now she's not the only one feeling guilty. For a moment he looks completely stunned and winded, like someone took a sucker punch to him. When the shock starts to wear off, anger and guilt kick in.

Moves over to the couch wit her and sits down next to her, looking her over to make sure she's okay.]

What the fuck happened?
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[Deb turns herself so she's wedged in the corner, which is a very nice spot to be on the couch--not such a great place to be in a conversation, but that's where she's about to put herself with this next bit of info so whatever.]

Dex and I caught a break on the cult leader.

[Man she really wants a beer right now.]

We figured it would be an easy bust--go in, I arrest the guy, get out--but surprise--he still had his fucking cult with him. We pretty much thought we were done for until Brian showed up out of nowhere and saved the fucking day, then we all went back to Dexter's house to talk about our feelings and then I got dropped off back here because I can't drive worth shit right now thanks to those fuckheads drugging me. There you go--if you want the long version you can read the fucking book that I'm never writing about it.

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[This conversation keeps on going from worse to horrendous with every passing moment. Not only was he not there for her but Brian, Brian of all people was the one who saved her. For a moment he feels physically ill but luckily it passes.]

Deb, I'm...

[Damn it, why does he always have trouble saying how he feels in these situations? When he's mad or happy it's easy, when he's upset by something or feeling uncertain it's a lot harder.]

I'm sorry, I should have been here. I'm your boyfriend and your partner, if anyone should have had your back it should have been me. I don't need to hear about all the details, I just want to do whatever I can for you.
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I don't need you to do anything.

[And why is it so hard for her to accept help? They're just a special couple.]

Really, I just need to sleep off this... whatever that fuckhead said they gave me. Oh yeah, did I mention he was working with them? We could've pinned them down months ago if he wasn't so busy planning to save us. It's his fault we were alone, not yours. So don't beat yourself up over it.

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That son of a bitch!

[At this point he should just expect everything and anything to come out of is situation. Clenches one of his fists and for a moment he looks like he might punch a wall or give something a good kick. He wants to go out and snap Brian's neck but he doesn't want to leave Deb alone and Brian's probably gone back to whatever hellhole he calls home.]

You know what? Fuck Brian and fuck those cannibals and fuck all of this bullshit. I'm taking you to bed and we can worry about this in the morning.

[There's your lovely language rubbing off on him, Deb. He offers her his hand to help her up onto her feet. At this point he's not afraid to scoop her up and carry her there if needs be.]

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Couldn't have said that better myself. Literally--you nailed it.

[She goes ahead and takes that hand--letting him pull her up off the couch and towards the bedroom. Sleeping is pretty much the best thing in existence right now and thankfully Quinn's not depriving her of it like Dexter was earlier. Now she's even more glad that she came over here.]

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[Laces their fingers together and leads the way to the bedroom. Once they are inside he helps her take off her clothes to change into her pjs or whatever she wears to bed, because you know by now Quinn is a pro at helping her undress.

Slips into his own pajamas which consist of a sleeveless shirt and some flannel pants. After he is done changing he flops down in their bed and looks over at her.]

I almost want to shut my phone off but I should probably keep it turned on because the way this week is going, who knows what will happen even at night.

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[Now it's time to wish that the underwear icon was saved for a moment where it's actually relevant, but oh well, she's in bed now and facing him with her eyes barely open because this is one of those pass out as soon as your head hits the pillow nights.]

Yeah, leave it--whatever. It won't bother me.

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[This icon is relevant at the moment, so it's all good. Pulls the blankets over the two of them once they are settled into the bed and he wraps his arms around her. When he talks he looks directly at her.]

Okay. Not that I am trying to drag this out because I know you need your sleep, but for future reference and all that, you know if there's anything bothering you, you can tell me, right?

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[She doesn't quite notice that he's looking at her because her eyes are done with this being open business, but she gets the message anyway. He gets an arm around him too.]

Mmhm... We'll talk in the morning, okay. [What exactly is she agreeing to talk about... oh well she'll figure it out later when her brain works.]

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[One way or another, he'll get the truth of what's going on in all of this craziness out of Deb. For now he's content with having her safe and sound and in his arms. Lifts his chin so he can tuck her head underneath it and he closes his eyes over as well.]

Good night, Deb.

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[So sweet and comfy--she's asleep within seconds.

NOW IT'S MORNING :D and I'm using this one twice in a row because she's... still sleeping. Those drugs are really strong. Quinn would be the best boyfriend ever if he were to make some bacon or something before she wakes up. :3]

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[Not only does Quinn have bacon going, but he has a full breakfast in the works complete with coffee, which he is helping himself to. He likes his coffee to be extra strong with a swift kick of caffeine, given how long and tiresome days at work can be. Something tells him it is going to come in handy this morning.]
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[Once the food starts really cooking, Deb wakes up because mmmm that smells so good--especially the coffee. Hopefully it's been long enough since she got shot up with the sedative that she can actually drink it. If not, whatever, she'll risk it.

She gets up and wanders out to the kitchen, not caring that her hair is a complete wreck and she looks like crap--that can be fixed after she gets some carbs in her.]


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Morning. Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes. How are you feeling?

[He fills her up a fresh cup of coffee and then slides it across the counter over to her. He's already downed half a cup off coffee himself and the other half will be gone within a few minutes. Picks up a strip of bacon with a fork and practically wolfs it down. He's testing the bacon to make sure it's nice and crispy. That's serious business right there.]

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Like I got hit over the head with a sledgehammer and ran a fucking marathon afterwards.

[She picks up the coffee and sips it warily to see if her stomach's going to object to it. Eh, it is a little, but not enough to stop drinking.]

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I can't believe there are still cannibals in this day and age. Who does that shit?

[Apparently her former fiance, which makes him even that much more of a crazy bastard. Loads his own plate up on eggs, sausage and bacon once everything is done. He gives her a small plate so she can test out her appetite.]

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[She makes a face and pokes some of the egg with her fork. Good thing he gave her the smaller plate, because yeah, no way could she eat what Quinn has.]

Can we not talk about that right now? Kinda trying to eat, here.

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Right, sorry.

[Stares down at his piece of bacon and briefly looks a little disturbed. Less than 24 hours ago, someone wanted to nom on his girlfriend like he wants to nom on this piece of bacon? What is the world coming too.

Stares at the bacon for a little longer and then wolfs it down. Deb is alive and well, so he doesn't have to ponder the twisted mysteries of the world and feel guilty about eating his bacon.]

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It's fine. [Pokeity poke. Still no actual eating. :C] For the record though, that shit they gave me is the official booster for bitchiness, so, don't take me seriously if I keep snapping at fuck-all.

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[For a moment Quinn contemplates joking and saying something along the lines of "you say that like I do in the first place" but she has her hand on the fork, he doesn't want to risk getting stabbed with it. Helps himself to more bacon.]

What exactly happened?


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